production capacity

The present structure covers an area of about 17.000 sqm, 8500 of which are under cover. 30.000 tonnes of ductile and grey cast iron are produced there every year to meet the requirements of our qualified customers.

The flexibility of its structure enables SA.BI Foundry to be competitive in small, medium and mass production of castings, whose weight ranges from 3 to 600 kg.

Production facilities consist of:

• a high pressure automatic equipment able to fill up to 120 casting boxes per hour using an 850x740x270+270 mm moulding box.

• a line for sand resin castings able to produce bigger pieces, using an up to 1.500x1.000x600+600 mm moulding box.

• the melting equipment is currently made of 2x20 tonnes ox/methane rotary furnaces, served by a 40 tonnes electric receiver.

SA.BI Foundry produces cast irons meeting the European standards and special cast irons in conformity with our customers specific standards.