In the last years SA.BI Foundry has improved its commitment to achieve the highest quality standards.

The uninterrupted research for a better quality, regarding both process and product, enabled SA.BI Foundry to become official supplier of some important international groups, leaders in their respective fields: we consider this to be the best business card.

The obtained results stem from the quality policy SA.BI Foundry has been following for years. Its basic points are:
• training, exploitation and research of employees, since we believe that the quality of our product comes after the quality of the work of all our employees.
• equipment renewal (new sand plant, new cooling barrel, new in line shot-blasting machine, new transport, pooring, and spheroidizing equipment.)
• new supplying sectors characterized by excellent quality standards.

The structure includes a particularly important metallurgical laboratory, where chemical analyses are carried out with a an automatic spectrometer, together with metalloscopic and metallographic analyses.

The produced castings systematically undergo this series of controls; the process is completed by controls on the mechanic characteristics of the various alloys by means of tests on their hardness, tensile strength and resistance, so as to meet the required standards as well as the customers' needs.

The controls are completed by checking the castings' dimensions in a metrological room equipped with a 3-D DEA machine.