SA.BI Foundry strongly believes in the importance of continuous technological improvement of production and control processes; therefore it placed important investments thereupon:

• an automatic sand plant for the control of compactability and green strength features allows a better quality of the castings as regards both integrity and surface aspect. All the process data are recorded on PC so that we can make a close analyses of the sand preparation;

• the automatic casting equipment with spheroidizing based on the core wire technology, using digital cards, permits the perfect repeatability of the optimal casting parameters. All process data (i.e. articles produced, casting temperature, casting times, residue Mg, quantity of wire used etc.) are recorded on a database in order to make the analyses of the casting parameters of each moulding box. With the core threat technology we obtain nodular cast iron castings of better quality;

• the computer-integrated system for thermal analyses of cast metal, gives a survey of the cooling curves with a constant optimization of cast iron casting and treating processes;

Such system is integrated with the monitoring of mechanic and metallographic features;

All data are acquired through automatic systems and stored in a database with the aim of making a complete and crossed analyses of all chemical, mechanical and metallographic features of the cast irons produced.